Do Your Customers Deserve A 1 Star Review

Yelp Review OF You Customers?

For years customers have been able to review businesses for their products and services.

But what would happen if tables were turned and businesses were able to turn the table and actually REVIEW THE CUSTOMER?

This used to be the case on EBAY, but the system has changed and no longer can you sellers get an accurate indication of time wasters and non payers.

I got thinking about this early this morning at the gym.

Whilst listening to a podcast by master marketer #BenSettle hands down the most entertaining podcast from both a business and personal perspective, when this question was raised.

Oddly enough at the same time on the giant TV screen was a report of two Australian tradies furious about not being paid on time attacking their own building site with chainsaws.

So what would happen if business did get to review their customers for the world to see?

Customers get the opportunity to black ball business and get to openly attack a service provider with no real form of recourse for the business.

And I see it often, with pissed off ‘victims’ crying into their milk and losing their tiny minds on Yelp, Facebook, Google Reviews and the like.

But don’t get me wrong, I know that business aren’t always innocent, but here is a tip, if you have an issue, raise it the business and give them an opportunity to resolve it, rather than straight away going on the attack.

You might find things work out for the better for both parties.

So here is what I propose.

A customer review system where business are able to review their customers based on things like, paying their account on time (no brainer), doing what was asked of them to help you to achieve the outcome they want (like choosing a colour or filling in the required forms) and being a pleasurable human being to actually deal with (ie, not a jerk)

Whilst I am good at weeding out these types of clients, I have had some clients whom I would have given a star rating of one.

Lucky for me, I am simply able to refund their money and move them on, much to their absolute disgust as to why I would throw ‘easy’ money away.

A cheque (yep they still have them) with their full amount refunded, a quick explanation note that we can’t work together, registered post envelope and the issue is resolved from my end.

I’m busy, in fact I have a wait list and if my clients can’t be serious about growing their business through marketing and sales, then I refuse to allow them to take up anymore of my time.

So I guess the real question is, what would we call this review site???

Happy #humpday