Do You Have A Big Bold Guarantee?

If Not, You’re Letting New Customers Slip Through Your Hands

That’s right.

You are letting sales slip through your hands if you don’t have a big, bold guarantee. You should be guaranteeing everything you do.

And I don’t mean the… “I-Guarantee-My-Work-Guarantee,” either.

That’s what most trade business do.

It’s so over used and it really doesn’t mean anything.

You need to eliminate your potential customers fear of doing business with you.

You must have a guarantee that is big and bold that can do that.

It’s important to consider that much of the work that you do, must hold a guarantee under Australian Consumer Laws.

So if you must be able to guarantee your work by law, then you should be talking about it.

What could you come up with that will eliminate the fear of doing business with you and have your customer trust their decision? Here is a Big Bold Guarantee for a dry cleaning client:

100% No-Risk Guarantee

As the owner, I want you to be super-pleased, in fact, absolutely delighted with every carpeted room I dry clean for you. So every cleaning comes with our ironclad, risk-free guarantee. What does that mean? Simply this: If you aren’t happy with our work, we’ll re- clean your carpet for free. Or you can have your money back. It’s your choice. Many carpet cleaners don’t guarantee their work, but I do. Nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction. We stand behind every cleaning 100%. If you ever have any questions or concerns about our work, please call me right away.

Is this bold? Yes. Is it strong? Yes. Is this risky? Not at all. They all have to do re-cleans. This guarantee just puts it out there and let’s your potential customers (those not doing business with you yet) know the kind of cleaner you are.

According to my client he only gets two calls a year to come back and re-clean their carpet. And he told me that no one has ever asked for his or her money back. He told me that tons of people went ahead to have their carpets cleaned who were hesitant. His guarantee took away their hesitancy and prompted them to call and schedule their carpet to be cleaned.

Will you get bombarded with call backs because the job isn’t done right? If your quality is horrible, you should. But even then you won’t.

Why do you think manufacturers have all those rebates? To sell more.

An industry insider told me that if everyone sent in their rebates, the companies would go broke. They do it to sell more and they do.

What should your Big Bold Guarantee be? You can steal this! That’s right. You can use it. I give you permission.

Here guarantee’s for my Fully Booked Tradie Customer Conversion System. You can steal this guarantee from me too!

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

Use my system, give the pack to your customers, send them through the follow ups texts and emails, follow my step-by-step system as described. And if it does not make at least 5 times your investment, of money you otherwise would never have received within 365 days, send me a letter and I will promptly and courteously, give you your money back.

This is one of the reasons my clients choose me, because of my confidence and the lack of risk they have when working with me.