Dealing with negative feedback

But Eve, I got negative feedback!

I hear this a lot.

It is one of the main reasons why someone hasn’t published their marketing, hasn’t ran a campaign or begun their launch.

And here is the thing…

Negative feedback happens and you should take it onboard…


You have to consider the context in which it came.

Just last week I was asked for feedback on a social media video.

To me, it looked like an old corporate pat on the back. One of those ‘look at us’ and how good we are!

A 5 minute self-promotional video with nothing remarkable, nothing eye catching, nothing of interest being talked about.

The lack of engagement on the video indicated to me that the audience felt the same about it.

And when I was asked my opinion on it, I told them that.

And someone was rather disappointed with my negative feedback.

But here is the thing.

Opinions (just like marketing) are subjective.

Feedback is important, but so is context.

Was I the ideal client that this video was created for?

Probably not.

Were they going to do anything with my feedback moving forward?

Probably not.

Do they know that I am actually qualified to give feedback on this type of thing because of what I do for work?

Again, probably not.

The lesson?

The next time you get any negative feedback, I want you to ask yourself:
Was the person who gave you negative feedback your ideal client?

Because if they weren’t, thank them, smile and do whatever the hell you were going to do anyway.