Are you confusing your buyers?

A little while ago I learnt a new word:


My client Bec, a Personal Stylist to the stars, had used it when talking about using accessories to create an outfit.

I spend a lot of time finding out what my clients do before I take on any work for them and she used [bctt tweet=”‘Zhoosh’ It’s a Verb, often followed by ‘up’ to make something more exciting, lively, or attractive.”]

I hadn’t heard it before and it got me thinking ‘Would her clients know what she was talking about if we used it in her videos?’

The lesson here:

When talking, either verbally or in writing, to your clients make sure you are using words they will understand.

A confused mind will never buy.

Today, I would like you to consider:

1) What types of words are you using in your sales and marketing that your potential clients may not understand?

2) What are the alternatives that you could use? Do you need to go into more detail so remove any confusion?

3) Could you be leaving money on the table from the confused buyer?

These are important questions to ask in your business each time you write a marketing or sales piece for your business

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