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In Case I Get Hit By A Bus!

What would happen to your business if you got sick?

Not the man flu (God knows that’s terrible) but something that is a serious illness or perhaps even in injury?

What happens to your business, your clients, your livelihood?

Who knows which clients you’ve got? Who knows how to even get into your computer to check this and other things?

Whilst visiting a friend who was in the hospital, he mentioned something to his wife about ‘I need to tell you where to find ….”

And it got me thinking.

What do we have in emergencies when we need to get access to important information but lack the ability to do so.

My solution;

create your ‘in case I get hit by a bus file’ specifically for your own business.

You might like to include what I have like;

  • a list of accounts that I have, emails, website, bank accounts
  • passwords to accounts
  • a file of current clients or projects. I have a file on my computer called Current Work,

I have it so that my husband can go into the folder – and he can get access to all of the accounts that we have, all the important things, plus all of my logins and passwords.

Many people have it on their computer and logging onto your computer, at least get a working idea as to what you have and use.

But I think that it is important to have them somewhere else rather than just your iPhone, laptop, tablet etc in case they are stolen and you have to purchase replacements but you still can’t access your damn accounts!

I have a copy written out in our ‘if there is a fire grab this box’ box.

It is a bit of an insurance policy if something was to happen.

I am off to update it now.

I would love to hear what you have in your folder.


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