Bully Prevention Starts At Home

My son has just started his transition program for his Primary School.

As excited as I am, when I was walking him to his transition class I witnessed some name calling in the school ground.

Impressively, the other kids were onto it very quickly and the school has taught them some great phrases to shut this type of behavior down.

With statistics very high with bullying incidents in schools I wanted to share some tips from my #1 Best Selling book that features a chapter on how you can build resilient kids and start bully prevention at home.

Building a strong sense of identity and self-worth are crucial to your child’s self-esteem and , confidence.

You can do this by:

Encouraging them to problem solve, express their opinions and individuality within the family and peer group

Teaching them various healthy coping strategies so that they can deal with life’s challenges

Allowing them to say, “No”. Encourage them to be assertive if they feel they have been mistreated

Placing value on their achievements, such as talents, skills and personality characteristics

Making sure that you listen to their concerns about body shape and appearance. Especially in puberty many children have a worrying time about this. Make sure that you reassure your children that their physical changes are very normal and that individual develops at different times and rates in their lives

Never teasing. This is something that families will do without thinking about the effect it may have. Teasing them about their weight, body shape or looks. Seemingly friendly or harmless nicknames can still be very hurtful if they focus on some aspect of the their appearance

Making your child feel they have an important role in the family. This is fun and simple to do. You can give them age-appropriate household tasks and allow them to choose aspects of the dinner preparations. This tells them that they are making a valuable contribution to the running of the house

The key to creating confident children is to start at home.

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