Calling On Your Inner ‘Badass’ To Step Up

Yesterday was the first time that I had been to the gym in over six months.

I’ve had an injury and a health issue that I had used as an excuse that stopped me on being able to exercise.

But the truth is, I lost my love of it.

I have been doing other stuff I love.

Working with clients I love, learning from people I love and earning money, which I love, so going to the gym moved to the bottom of the pile.


As I walked into the gym the very first person I saw was my former personal trainer.

She’s a great chick, a fit bod, lives and breathes all things fitness.

She had trained me 3 times a week for 18 months.

We had fun, laughed heaps and got great results.

Rather than greet me with a smile, the look she gave me was one of shock, of disappointment.

‘Hmm, I can see you haven’t been here for a while now!’ she said.

She may as well added ‘you fat bitch’

I gave her a smile and walked straight to the treadmill.

I’ll show you’, I thought,

Now, you know that I am a positive, happy person and that serves me well.

Not that day.

That day I got my anger on.

I was pissed off.

Pissed off at her comment, her raised eyebrow, but mostly I was pissed off at myself.

And guess what…

Being pissed off got me through.

I used all of the negative energy I could muster and I smashed through.

[bctt tweet=”I turned myself from the normally mild mannered Bruce Banner, to ‘The Hulk’. I got my inner badass on!”]

I did my entire program at the weight levels I used to do.

I did every step on that bench I had to do.

My legs were screaming in pain but I did it.

I had that, ‘I think I am going to be ill’ feeling in my belly but because I was pissed off and angry, I powered through.

My point: when you can’t seem to meet the challenges you need to, sometimes a little bit of inappropriate badass thinking is just what you need.

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