How to avoid an embarrassing mistake when you are nominated for an award

I recently was nominated for an award for the volunteer work that I do in the community.

Being that I was so happy that my friends and family had gone to the effect to put the nomination together, I didn’t do the #3 things I always tell me clients to do when the media contact them.

1 – Check the submission personally before accepting the nomination

The general sequence is, someone nominates you, writes the submission and then if it is accepted you get notified.

Although my friends and family had put in the flavour of what I do they had made some actual detail errors.

2 – If there are any errors, notify the relevant parties

I did do this, and so should you. It is really important that you are judged on the facts, even if they are slightly incorrect, you need to let the relevant parties know.

3- Make the changes before you publish your nomination

I had notified the committees of the error but I didn’t make the changes to the copy I had received (with the errors) and I published it on social media.

Regrettably this upset some people as they didn’t realise that  I have not written it myself and thought that I was writing misleading information.

Being nominated is a real privilege, enjoy it but be responsible for a correct application that gets you judged on your achievements.