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Aussie Women Prefer Tradies To Princes

Tradies Hot ‘Marriage’ Property

A survey conducted by The Australian Women’s Weekly indicated that Australian women would much rather marry a tradie than a prince.


Whilst basing your opinion of your potential life partner based on their occupation alone is a pretty shaky foundation for a serious relationship, I understand first hand the appeal of the tradie.

My plumber hubby Alex and I have been happily married for 10 years this December.

Talking with my tradie clients (and often their partners) in my program, Fully Booked, Turns Your Quotes Into Paying Customers, here’s why I believe the labouring he-man is such hot property:


  1. They are committed to their life choices. Most of my tradie clients started working in the industry when they were 16 years old. Seriously, when I was 16 the only decision I had to make was between which Beverly Hills 90210 character I wanted to be Kelly or Brenda (I went with Kelly, she’s the blonde with the great shoes.) It shows that they are able to make a decision in their life to do something awesome and they stick with it. Tradies start and survive on apprentices wages for the first 4 years, mentored by older tradies, learning on the job (much like being a parent).
  2. Tradies always have the opportunity to run their own business, with the largest number, 16.1 per cent, of Australian businesses being in the Construction industry. They are qualified to perform their chosen trade and can take that to the next level by starting a business. However many struggle marketing of their business, that’s where I come in. Tradies are also always in short supply with an average age of 55 (the workforce average is 39), and for every three that retires only one will enter the workforce (source Australian Bureau of Statistics)
  3. Tradies are early risers. For them sleeping until 7am is a sleep in, which means if you are like me, you can get up early to go and get things done. Side note, if you have kids that don’t understand that Mummy wants a little sleep in on a Sunday, Dad’s got you covered.
  4. They are always the first to help out. From a lend of a ute for a house move or sizzling sausages at the local footy on the weekend, to saving lives of a complete stranger often at their risk of losing their own. Just type in ‘tradie heroes’ into Google and you are inundated with:

Tradie rescues baby boy from the gutter (Daily Telegraph 12/08/15)
Hero Townsville tradesman saves teenager in a wheelchair (Townsville Bulletin 25/08/15)
Hero tradie…, who dived into Brisbane River to save unconscious driver, went for a shower and then to work (Courier Mail 14/07/15)
Hero tradies tackle bag snatcher and hold him until police arrive  (Herald Sun  06/03/15)

5. Tradies make a living by being good with their hands, often requiring great finger dexterity to complete a task. Ladies, I will just leave you with that to consider…

So for you single ladies out there, here is a suggestion to help you on the path to finding the tradie of your dreams. Get yourself the Yellow Pages (who should really reinvent itself as a lonely hearts directory, rather than just a door stop) and organised a series of quotes from builders, electricians, plumbers and carpenters to finally get your house, and possibly your love life, fixed.


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