Are you paying Gap Tax?

Don’t worry it is not some crazy new Covid tax that has been introduced while most of us were on holidays and the Government thought we might not notice.


Gap Tax is the amount of money between what you are earning and what you want to be earning.

For example;

One of my clients came to me earning $12k each month in sales.

She told me she wanted to be earning $20k in sales each month.

Seems reasonable seeing that her program is $3k, just another 2 and a bit sales per month right?

So the difference between her current sales and what she wants in sales is $8k a month yeah?

Let me just grab my trusty pink calculator.

Right, so that’s $96k a year.

(Don’t judge me, I am words not numbers, even though I am the Chair of Marketing for several Bendigo Bank. But I promised to work on my 8 timetables okay!)

Moving on…

Her Gap Tax is $96k.

Thats kind of a lot don’t you think?

But how much is yours? (Calculator use is encouraged #nojudgement)

And more importantly, do you have a plan to close the gap?

If that plan involves email marketing, content marketing and other methods of making sales to your ideal clients you can attend my One Woman Marketing Plan workshop coming up in a few weeks.

Designed so you can be clear on exactly what you need to do to hit the business and income goals that you want consistently each and every month without spending hours and hours on creating marketing

AND feel confident to charge what you are worth because you are now positioned as the expert that you are. Your potential clients can see you know your stuff, it is right there in front of them in your marketing

The workshop is an implementation based so will have 2021’s marketing set and ready, done in the room with me.

And it is online so you don’t have to travel or worry about dressing up fancy, just as long are ready to roll up your metaphoric sleeves.

Want to find out more, head over to for all the details.

We are already into the 3rd week of January.

So how much have you lost in Gap Tax already?