You have all the resources you need

‘The motivation and the energy levels that you bring to the encounter have three times as much weight as the physical resources.’ Napolen Bonaparte

For me this is spot on. I see this all the time working with my clients.

We create some amazing things with a full force of the motivation and the energy to just get it done.

Many times people will complain that they are not ready, they don’t have everything that they need to get started.

Unfortunately, you may never have the physical resources that you need to get it done perfectly but I just go with ‘done is better than perfect’

So many things that have been created have been done without all of the money that they needed, the people that they wanted or time necessary.

But when you throw a group of motivated people with high levels of energy together, then you will find that amazing things can be created.

So don’t wait until you have all of the resources that you need, start now just use what you have now!

nelson mandela