A Credibility Killer On Social Media

As an entrepreneur you work differently to ‘employees’ (people that are getting paid to work for a boss)
  • You know that actions means results
  • You know that it is up to you to make sure things get done
  • You work night, day, weekends
  • When everyone else saying ‘TGI, it’s party time’
  • You’re say ‘TGI, I will have 48 hours uninterrupted time to get stuff DONE’
  • You bust your butt getting things done to deadlines
  • And, often ‘No workie, No money’
Everyday on social media you see ‘employees’ status updates about their work, how they HAD to stay late, the pressure that THEIR bosses put on them, the deadlines that they HAVE  to meet.
These status updates are meet with comments like ‘your so good, they are lucky to have you’ ‘that is so unfair’ ‘you should totally ask for a pay rise then’
If you are like me you ignore their post.
I don’t reward negative behaviour.
Besides, I am be tempted to be cheeky and say,
Oh no, you had to provide results for your pay’
Imagine if you saw that someone that you were looking to hire for a contract was sharing on Facebook, how they were dog tired as they had been up all night to meet a deadline.
Would you be impressed that they stayed up and then felt it necessary to brag or concerned about their time management skills and quality of work done at 3am?
Complaining, or LIKE gathering like an ‘employee’ can kill your credibility with your current or potential clients.
I was told long ago by a mentor ‘[bctt tweet=”Make the whole thing seem effortless, like there is magic in what you!”]
Shattering the illusion, can shatter your credibility.


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