60 Seconds To Almost Double Sales On Your Consult Calls

Now, this is something that not a lot of people talk about.

It’s not on the guru’s pieces of training, because for a lot of them, they don’t really know about it because it is left to their staff to do it.

But the people that are actually creating the training, and putting the pieces of training together don’t know that this is what’s actually happening in the process.

So of course, they can’t tell you about it, because they don’t know.

And it’s really easy.

Want to know what it is?

It is utilizing the application form.

Now, you probably know that you’ve got to have an application form submitted from potential clients because it helps you get the better type of leads, they’re more committed to showing up to the session and they can self qualify before they actually get on the call.

But how much have you really used it?

Have you actually spent even 60 seconds actually going through and having a look at the questions or particularly those specific questions?

This is how you can double your sales on a call.

The people you are talking to are going to be looking for answers for on the call with you, having done the pre-work and reading their responses is going to help you to convert more of the people because they’re going to feel that you’re inside their mind that you have a much better understanding of exactly what’s going on.

And it gives you the opportunity to look at what their problems are, what their fears are, what their challenges are, and actually map it to your call to your offer.

Because if you’re able to say, ‘yes I understand this is what’s going on for you, and this is how my program helps’ it’s going to allow you to convert more of those calls a hell of a lot quicker.

My hot tip…

Take the time to not just, you know, download the application for because they filled it in, but actually go through it, look through it, research it.

In my one-page sales script, there’s actually a section where you need to fill in what they put on the application form.

You want to grab a copy of the sales script that I use and my clients use, you can get it at www.evejohn.com.au