10 everyday things Aussie's invented

Celebrating your business this Australia Day

I love Australia Day.

The collective smell of sausages on the BBQ and the roars from backyard cricket always make me smile.

It’s our day to celebrates all things Australian.

From people to places to our inventions and business’ collectively making our Nation proud.

And, we Aussies are a clever bunch, we just find ways to make things easier, we don’t waste time moaning about it, we simply get it done.

From the Black Box Flight Recorder (1961), IVF Embryo Freezing Method (1983), the Cochlear Ear Implant (1983) to Speedo’s Fastskin swimsuits (2003) we are world leaders in innovation.

Undoubtedly, you have already:

– used the Dual Flush (1982) on your toilet in the comfort of your Brick Veneer Home (1928)

– paid for your coffee using Plastic Bank Notes (1988)

– hit the I(1984) to cross the street

-maybe you drove a Ute (1934) to pick up a new television with WIFI (1990’s)

Necessity is the cause for invention.

But not all necessity and innovation has to be Worldwide impacting.

It is enough to make an effect on someone’s world.

Many of the women that I work with make things easier for a particular part of the community.

Like on friendships books for parents to read to autistic children.

Or revolutionary health coaching for women with hormone imbalances.

Your business’ products and services will help makes someone day easier and that what makes us proud.

So, go ahead, share your message, serve more people and make more money.

And enjoy celebrating all things Australian!

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