#1 Way To Overcome Sales Objections

Walking through the over lit, music pumping stores at 8:30am Boxing Day is not for the faint of heart.

It is only for the hearts of mothers (and very hungover fathers), I can tell you speaking from experience.

The very painful experience of shopping with an 11-year-old who was after Nike Air Max’s with grandparents Christmas cash to burn in their Star Wars vegan-leather wallets.

In, look, shake the head, out.

In, look, shake the head, out.

My son has my husbands buying style. He knows what he wants and what he doesn’t.

He is very polite to the sales staff that say every time without fail.

Their “Hello, can I help you?”

Is always met with “No thank you I am just looking” Even though he actual does need help, like so many of us, he is robotic in his answer

Me, after the 4th store and the 847th time (that is an accurate number too) hearing Bing Crosby’s ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ I lost my slightly hungover and over pavlova-ed mind and dragged him to the counter.

Within 3 minutes we had the style, size and price point shoes he wanted bagged up and we are out of there!

See whatever you are selling ‘…If you don’t have a system of selling, you’ll be at the mercy of your prospects system of buying’ – David Sandler

The mercy of their…

– let me think about it

– I am just looking

– I am not sure yet…

Those excuses and objections that you face time and time again.

Heading into 2021 if you really want to overcome the main objection people have of uncertainly you need to make sure that you have a proven sales system that leads your clients through the decision making process of knowing that you are the right person to solve their problems.

The right system to get the right clients is a golden in your business.

Need help with that?

Email me and we can brainstorm some ideas to help you get more consistent clients in your business.

Eve (detoxing from sugar) John