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What Some Of My Wonderful Clients Say

  • I just sold my first VIP $6k offer to a new client after working with Eve on the offer, messaging, and outreach plan. She helped me approach it in a way that felt authentic and focused on how I can really be of service to clients. I’m so excited at what this means for my business moving forward!

    Lisa Liang 2 x Telstra Business Award Winner
  • I absolutely LOVE working with Eve! She always gives me bankable advice and ways to skyrocket our business! She sees and creates brilliance in our business that we would never see in ourselves! An absolute word smith!!

    Emily Greenway TV Personality
  • Honestly amazing. Now I can publish my website with confidence and she has saved me not only a bunch of time but my sanity as well. She obviously loves what she does because she is so proficient at it, but more than that, if she works with you, she loves you, and you really get a sense that she cares for you. I know she does for me, and she looks after me really well :) Thank you Eve, with all of my heart xxx

    Elisa McRae CEO, The Million Dollar Mum
  • Straight to the point with an explanation why is the best way to stay focused and looking forward to your goals! Who knew that a few direct questions from Eve would force me to get the info I needed out of my head and on to paper! If you haven't yet had the pleasure of talking to or meeting Eve, I encourage you to reach out to her! #shestherealdeal

    Alicia Weir Founder, The Fit Investor
  • I have been working with Eve for several months now and can't recommend her highly enough. She has made me look at marketing my business in a whole new light and given me angles I would never have thought of otherwise. Her skills and knowledge are exceptional and have already taken my business to another level. Eve cuts to the core of what needs to be done and has provided laser focus for the way ahead for my business. She is enthusiastic and generous and is always coming up with new and creative ideas. She also makes me laugh every time we speak which is an added bonus!

    Amanda Smythe Best Selling Author and Multi Award Interior Stylist
  • Best CTR (click through rate) my Facebook expert has seen. With the incredible words of the talented Eve John that I have been able to get my only course out to the public. The facebook opt in rate has been incredible on my landing page, due to the creative talents of this amazing wordsmith. Some of the best CTR my Facebook expert has seen.

    Dr Suzy McCleary Barefoot Parenting
  • I have to tell you she helped me break through my Biggest Fear - Self-Doubt ! … I now know Who are my Top Avatars & I now know what I am going to sell them. Eve is a straight talker. Be prepared to start taking ACTION from the moment you touch base with Eve because she is passionate about empowering other women to become High Achievers

    Valerie Mathews Indigenous Elder & Business Coach
  • Two hours with this woman has cleared up 5 years of floundering in my messaging and offerings. Eve is hot! And in more ways than one. Get hooked up to the dope this lady is selling. I'm just off our call and I'm already wanting more.

    Gabrielle Olga Plan Body Australia
  • If anyone wants to work with someone that is incredibly switched on and truly has a gift of giving you clarity and direction in your business... Eve John is your person!!! I've been working with Eve for the last couple of months on my marketing funnel and she has given me the confidence to start marketing myself as an expert. I love her 'no fluff' approach and we just get things done. Not only is she a marketing and copywriting genius, she is a beautiful person (inside and out); very generous and giving of her time.

    Suanne Len Tiny Crowd Designs
  • I have been working with Eve since 2017. With the content Eve writes with me, I have finally realized the expert I truly am and she just gets me. Eve has given me the ability to trust my direction and judgement and with Eve's support, I have found clarity and courage for the journey I am on. I so want to work and learn from the girl, that I have finally realized is me.

    Leanne Carius Owner - The Feng Shui Store Australia


Hi I'm Eve

Hi, my name is Eve, nice to meet you!

You might know me as the 'Half a Billion Dollar Woman' and 'Australia’s Golden Pen', because I’m the marketing strategist and copywriter behind the curtains of some of Australia’s most successful and influential, brands, products and entrepreneurs.

My words have sold over $500,000,000 of products and services in a variety of industries including construction, health & fitness, professional coaching, the workshop/seminar business and entrepreneurial services.

Let me help you create marketing your clients will love and a bank account you will adore!

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