01May 2015

As an entrepreneur you work differently to ‘employees’ (people that are getting paid to work for a boss) You know that actions means results You know that it is up to you to make sure things get done You work night, day, weekends When everyone else saying ‘TGI, it’s party time’ You’re say ‘TGI, I […]

09Apr 2015

Nearly 16 months ago we signed a contract for one of our physical products to be taken over by an Australian distributor. We were so excited about it. It was what we had been working towards, literally creating the four hour work week ( I now know much more about that myth ) We have […]

26Mar 2015

I just saw the release of the BRW 30 Richest Self Made Women in Australia, on their Facebook page.  It was a great list, no real surprises there and I love that there are so women who started their business off at their kitchen table! But the truth is, it wasn’t the names or success’ of these women […]

09Mar 2015

No one can judge effort. Only you. Effort is between You and You You know when you have ‘tried’ but not really put in the effort. When you put in the effort to practice every day you get better. When you put in the effort to educate yourself every day you get better. When you […]

23Feb 2015

I love the cartoon show, Scooby Doo it’s been around since I was a kid. It’s a group of four kids (Fred, Daphne, Thelma and Shaggy) and their talking dog (Scooby) who go around in an old 70s style van solving mysteries and capturing the bad guys, with the villians catch phrase:  ‘I would have gotten […]

25Jan 2015

Celebrating your business this Australia Day I love Australia Day. The collective smell of sausages on the BBQ and the roars from backyard cricket always make me smile. It’s our day to celebrates all things Australian. From people to places to our inventions and business’ collectively making our Nation proud. And, we Aussies are a […]

13Nov 2014

Working for yourself is the dream of many women in our Australian culture. But is it as promising as it sounds? I share my 5 top reasons that I went into business for myself. 1) Do what you love These days I get to spend my time helping my clients to build their business, expand […]