01Jan 2018

In the last six months, I have had conversations with over 120 female business owners and there has been a significant theme. That theme? The fear of failure. But making a mistake in your business is not something that you should be afraid of because failure teach us to engage in our lives — to […]

02Mar 2017

Last week I shared the top 5 reasons why I (and most women around Australia) would prefer to marry a tradesman rather than a prince. This time I want to share the two main things myself and my fellow POT’s (Partners Of Tradie’s) struggle with when it comes to the perception of our tradie partners. […]

01Aug 2016
planning, trades, tradies

What would happen to your business if you got sick? Not the man flu (God knows that’s terrible) but something that is a serious illness or perhaps even in injury? What happens to your business, your clients, your livelihood? Who knows which clients you’ve got? Who knows how to even get into your computer to […]

30Jul 2016
time management, schedule, work life balance

Having your own business is challenging, but add a family and children into the mix, takes things to a whole new level. How do you manage to get it all done? How can you manage to fit everything in so that you can be present for you family and for your business? You will hear […]

13Apr 2016
marketing for trade businesses

When you are a small business owner, you have to wear many hats. With 98.6% of construction businesses with fewer than 20 staff their often isn’t money in the business for staff to source new business and new contracts. And this is something that falls to the business owner. Did you know that the average […]

12Oct 2015
marry a tradesman, tradesmen marketing

Tradies Hot ‘Marriage’ Property A survey conducted by The Australian Women’s Weekly indicated that Australian women would much rather marry a tradie than a prince. Whilst basing your opinion of your potential life partner based on their occupation alone is a pretty shaky foundation for a serious relationship, I understand first hand the appeal of […]

22May 2015

For many business owners, business growth seems like a giant overwhelming process requiring so many moving part it makes a building a rocket look like child’s play. Many of my clients complain that it is their inner critic, that negative mindset that questions whether things are going to improve or change at all, questioning if […]