13Feb 2015

I have just come back from my hairdressers. I have the full service, colour (Shh!) cut, blow wave, waxing, you know everything! As I went to the reception to pay for my services, I was greeted by the apprentice, Jess. Jess: “Hello Eve, shall I book you for your next appointment?” Me: “Sure, that’s great” An […]

25Jan 2015

Celebrating your business this Australia Day I love Australia Day. The collective smell of sausages on the BBQ and the roars from backyard cricket always make me smile. It’s our day to celebrates all things Australian. From people to places to our inventions and business’ collectively making our Nation proud. And, we Aussies are a […]

14Oct 2014

We all have people that we know in our lives who always look polished and well put together, like they have just finished a photoshoot for Vogue magazine. We envy them, it makes them seem unflappable, like they can handle any situation, their personal presentation is spot on. Now I am not saying that personal […]