15Dec 2015
marketing your trade business

Ahh, Christmas. The only time of year that you hear from about 90% of your suppliers, when they are not trying to sell you something. Often, the only time that we hear from businesses is when they have a special that they think we might be interested in or at Christmas. We get the token […]

05Dec 2015

Too often people overlook this opportunity to sell themselves to customers. They tend to throw them up on their website or send them out to the client as an afterthought. But using FAQ can be a really powerful way to position yourself as an expert in your industry and niche. There’s a simple way to […]

02Jul 2015

[bctt tweet=”The biggest challenge many businesses face is being found and staying found online.”] Many of my clients are using various methods to raise their visibility including paid traffic and the question is always, which is better for my business Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.   If your marketing budget is quite small then you’re probably […]

14May 2015

One of my former mentors, Mal Emery, renowned for creating more self-made millionaires in Australia that any other coach, once said something about unsubscribes that I can always remember: [bctt tweet=”‘If you aren’t pissing off someone with your marketing by midday, you aren’t trying hard enough’”] Now, I don’t intentionally try to get people upset […]

23Feb 2015

I love the cartoon show, Scooby Doo it’s been around since I was a kid. It’s a group of four kids (Fred, Daphne, Thelma and Shaggy) and their talking dog (Scooby) who go around in an old 70s style van solving mysteries and capturing the bad guys, with the villians catch phrase:  ‘I would have gotten […]