08Oct 2017

I’m an avid reader. I love books. From James Paterson thrillers through to all things marketing and sales. But it might surprise you to know that I often read the same book over and over again. And I am one of those people that marks them up with sticky notes, highlighter and notes in the […]

08Sep 2017

How much time do you spend on Facebook per day? And how much money do you make from your time on there? I won’t bore you with statistics about Facebook users by demographic and usage rate. We all know that our target audience spend a fair bit of there day on there. But I probably […]

07Apr 2017

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a large and varied amount of celebrities at the Total Success Summits in Sydney. Many of them, I had admired for years but I had been especially excited to meet Michelle Bridges. I had completed her 12 week body transformation challenge after the birth of each of […]

02Aug 2016
tradie marketing, construction marketing

Your letterbox is one of the most uncluttered places where people can communicate with you. These days, you might get a piece of mail every day, most probably get a bill, but day after day you go to your letterbox to check and sort out your mail. If you like most people you tend sort […]

29Jul 2016
trade, trademen marketing, tradie, trade business owner, service business marketing

One of the most searched phrases on Google is ‘how to get new customers’ and it is a very commonly asked question I get, when running workshops and speaking at events. We all know the old adage; it takes 5-6 times more money to get a new client than it does to get repeat business […]

13Apr 2016
marketing for trade businesses

When you are a small business owner, you have to wear many hats. With 98.6% of construction businesses with fewer than 20 staff their often isn’t money in the business for staff to source new business and new contracts. And this is something that falls to the business owner. Did you know that the average […]

01Mar 2016

I am a strong believer in using social media, such as Facebook (a whooping 14 million Australian users) Youtube (with 13.8 million Australian users) and Linkedin (with 3.6 million Australian users) to deliver content and build your profile, using Free Business Directories is one of the ways that you can increase your online profile. Whilst […]

18Jan 2016
Helping tradesmen make more money in their business

Price too high, too low, in the middle seems just right! The Goldilocks principle is derived from a children’s story “The Three Bears” in which a little girl named Goldilocks finds a house owned by three bears. Each bear has its own preference of food and beds. After testing all three examples of both items, […]