29Jul 2016
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One of the most searched phrases on Google is ‘how to get new customers’ and it is a very commonly asked question I get, when running workshops and speaking at events. We all know the old adage; it takes 5-6 times more money to get a new client than it does to get repeat business […]

14May 2015

One of my former mentors, Mal Emery, renowned for creating more self-made millionaires in Australia that any other coach, once said something about unsubscribes that I can always remember: [bctt tweet=”‘If you aren’t pissing off someone with your marketing by midday, you aren’t trying hard enough’”] Now, I don’t intentionally try to get people upset […]

23Feb 2015

I love the cartoon show, Scooby Doo it’s been around since I was a kid. It’s a group of four kids (Fred, Daphne, Thelma and Shaggy) and their talking dog (Scooby) who go around in an old 70s style van solving mysteries and capturing the bad guys, with the villians catch phrase:  ‘I would have gotten […]

13Feb 2015

I have just come back from my hairdressers. I have the full service, colour (Shh!) cut, blow wave, waxing, you know everything! As I went to the reception to pay for my services, I was greeted by the apprentice, Jess. Jess: “Hello Eve, shall I book you for your next appointment?” Me: “Sure, that’s great” An […]

06Feb 2015

A little while ago I learnt a new word: ‘Zhoosh’ My client Bec, a Personal Stylist to the stars, had used it when talking about using accessories to create an outfit. I spend a lot of time finding out what my clients do before I take on any work for them and she used [bctt tweet=”‘Zhoosh’ It’s […]

25Jan 2015

Celebrating your business this Australia Day I love Australia Day. The collective smell of sausages on the BBQ and the roars from backyard cricket always make me smile. It’s our day to celebrates all things Australian. From people to places to our inventions and business’ collectively making our Nation proud. And, we Aussies are a […]

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