We all know that when you fly you have to sit through the safety demonstrations. I fly often so I know the drill, the brace position, where the exits are and not to take my personal items. Something that stuck out this afternoon was the emphasis on ensuring that you tend to yourself and your […]

‘The motivation and the energy levels that you bring to the encounter have three times as much weight as the physical resources.’ Napolen Bonaparte For me this is spot on. I see this all the time working with my clients. We create some amazing things with a full force of the motivation and the energy […]

A few weeks ago I had an offer to dine with the Prime Minister. I considered this a privilege, regardless of my political views, I have the upmost respect for the position of running our country. The meeting never took place, due to the terrible tragedies that had taken place with the week before with […]

Can I ask you: Would you like to be able to do things in your life, without the little voice pipping up? Have you let that little voice hold them back from something that they have wanted to do? We hold ourselves back from doing things. We feel that we may not be good enough. […]