In the last issue, we talked about the negative impact of fear and why it shouldn’t be ignored. In this issue, we are going to go over some simple tips that will help you say no to fear whenever it tries to invade your life. Fear is the ability to get to the best of […]

Okay, lets talk more about the negative impact of fear and why it shouldn’t be ignored. As humans, we have all experienced some type of fear. It is completely normal, rational and expectable; to have an emotional response to anything in our environment that poses a danger to our physical or mental well-being. It’s the […]

Some say that fear is a great motivator and for some people it is. The fear of failing, loss or facing consequences can give us the will to thrive under pressure and help us complete tasks that would otherwise go unfinished. For others it can literally cause life to come to a screeching halt. It’s […]

I recently won an community service award for my volunteer work with women in the local community. As happy as I am to help out doing what I do, I often find that when people know you are a giver, they sometimes feel that they can take advantage of it. So there is one obvious […]

My son has just started his transition program for his Primary School. As excited as I am, when I was walking him to his transition class I witnessed some name calling in the school ground. Impressively, the other kids were onto it very quickly and the school has taught them some great phrases to shut […]