Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a large and varied amount of celebrities at the Total Success Summits in Sydney. Many of them, I had admired for years but I had been especially excited to meet Michelle Bridges. I had completed her 12 week body transformation challenge after the birth of each of […]

Last week I shared the top 5 reasons why I (and most women around Australia) would prefer to marry a tradesman rather than a prince. This time I want to share the two main things myself and my fellow POT’s (Partners Of Tradie’s) struggle with when it comes to the perception of our tradie partners. […]

As a woman I love a bargin but we know that there is a time and place for the sales rack. And your entire business is not one of them! Undervaluing your products and services is an obstacle on your way to financial success and freedom. You want to create a business that you love […]

If Not, You’re Letting New Customers Slip Through Your Hands That’s right. You are letting sales slip through your hands if you don’t have a big, bold guarantee. You should be guaranteeing everything you do. And I don’t mean the… “I-Guarantee-My-Work-Guarantee,” either. That’s what most trade business do. It’s so over used and it really doesn’t […]

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Your letterbox is one of the most uncluttered places where people can communicate with you. These days, you might get a piece of mail every day, most probably get a bill, but day after day you go to your letterbox to check and sort out your mail. If you like most people you tend sort […]