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A great question that has come up three times over the past month with clients. Tendering is the next step for you when you see your competitors winning bigger contracts than you or some of your clients ask you to tender for a bigger project. I asked industry leader Chris Dennis of Win Win Tendering […]

Tradies Hot ‘Marriage’ Property A survey conducted by The Australian Women’s Weekly indicated that Australian women would much rather marry a tradie than a prince. Whilst basing your opinion of your potential life partner based on their occupation alone is a pretty shaky foundation for a serious relationship, I understand first hand the appeal of […]

With the fall out of the Liberal Party in Australia last week,  we have a new Prime Minister. Social media has imploded with all of the opinions, memes and jokes that whilst entertaining, raise a good point. The main theme that I have noticed is ‘they are all the same, how do we even know […]

This is serious issue that is affecting many trade business owners. You started so determined on your goals for this financial year. This is the year that you are ready to crack 7 figures. You wanted to really get the jump on the competition and be different. But, as October creeps closer and you aren’t were […]

[bctt tweet=”The biggest challenge many businesses face is being found and staying found online.”] Many of my clients are using various methods to raise their visibility including paid traffic and the question is always, which is better for my business Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.   If your marketing budget is quite small then you’re probably […]

For many business owners, business growth seems like a giant overwhelming process requiring so many moving part it makes a building a rocket look like child’s play. Many of my clients complain that it is their inner critic, that negative mindset that questions whether things are going to improve or change at all, questioning if […]

One of my former mentors, Mal Emery, renowned for creating more self-made millionaires in Australia that any other coach, once said something about unsubscribes that I can always remember: [bctt tweet=”‘If you aren’t pissing off someone with your marketing by midday, you aren’t trying hard enough’”] Now, I don’t intentionally try to get people upset […]