About Eve John

Eve John is a tradies wife and mum of two kids, who has a passion for helping businesses grow through highly effective but simple to implement, marketing and sales systems.

Whilst launching a range of trade products, now available world-wide, she spoke to hundreds of Australian business owners about their business and what problems they face.

Eve & Jason Hodges, Better Homes and Gardens

Eve & Jason Hodges, Better Homes and Gardens

Eve has been able to solve the biggest issue many service based business owners face, converting inquiries into clients and has successfully helped to grow her clients businesses.

Her signature system is:

Australian Innovation Awarded – Fully Booked Tradies, Turns your quotes into paying customers

is helping Australian Tradies make more money in their business.

Unlike some marketers, who want you to spend all of your time online, making social media memes and having to learn about Google and other technologies, Eve creates a marketing and sales system that requires only minimal effort, as 90% of the work is already done.

She believes that if you have the right systems in place, follow an easy plan and are focused on your customers,

Eve, Josh & Jenna, The Block

Eve, Josh & Jenna, The Block

there is no reason that you can’t grow your business no matter what trade or the location you are in.

Eve has contributed too many magazines including, The Tradie, Plumbing Connection, Oxygen Fitness and Iron Man and herself and her businesses have been featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, Start Up Smart, Cosmopolitan and Woman’s Day.


Eve speaking at Australian Start Up Smart, Melbourne

Over the past four years, Eve and her businesses have received the honour of being:

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A personal note from Eve…

I was first introduced to the art of marketing and copywriting when I launched a business 5 years ago.
My husband had invented a plumbing tool that we wanted to get on the market in all the large hardware stores.

Me and our product featured at World Plumbing Day

Featuring our product featured at World Plumbing Day

I needed to know how the hell I was going to get my product in front of clients, without having the luxury of a big budget to throw at advertising to ‘gain brand exposure’ as the sales lady at the magazine that I had enquired about said.

I needed to figure out how to get into the heads of my clients, who were male, how to speak their language and how to communicate with them. You see my product was a plumbing tool that my husband had invented when he was laid up in hospital with a broken back for 6 months. He was a plumber and come up with this world first invention, it really was the saving grace that stopped him from going insane, staring at the ceiling in traction.

But the huge, well massive problem was that

1) it competed with a product that you get for free,

2) we had thrown all the cash we had getting it into production. We had no money left to ‘invest’ on the business.

I’ll be real honest with you. When I first started out, one of the most difficult things that I had to overcome was having to get used to selling with words on paper or on screen.

With little to invest, I had to start from nothing, with nothing.

In truth, at times I felt like giving up.

My children, Logan and Laila

My children, Logan and Laila

But I couldn’t, not for me, not for my family.

We had everything invested in our success.

I could see it worked for other people, but I could never seem to make any progress – or notice any results! One thing I knew for sure was this… I was sick of…

  • competitors out marketing me with their endless budgets
  • notstanding out online
  • chasing money all the time
  • and chasing new business

Have you ever felt like that too?

For me, my frustrations had grown to the point where I’d do WHATEVER I could to start being successful… and fast!

But I knew:

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

Pete Godfrey, Australia's Best Copywriter

Pete Godfrey, Australia’s Best Copywriter

I studied under some of Australia leading marketers, copywriters, publicity experts whose  businesses were turning over millions of dollars, creating and promoting for their clients  who in turn were selling hundreds of millions of dollars.

I started to implement everything that I was learning.

I was copying out some of the worlds most famous sales letters by hand.

Yep, by hand as that is the best way for me to retain information that I use everyday.

I was creating a massive pile of ads, headlines, and social media posts that had made me  want to buy, reworking them and using them myself.

I spent more on my education that most people spend on their new family four wheel  drives!

I was getting more and more orders every day.

And then finally one day,

BAM! we were contacted by huge distributors that wanted to take our product nationally.

It launched our business into the word stage, now we are global.

And Now I Get Ask, How Can I Learn To Make My Business Super Lucrative?

I have been helping my clients get more clients, win more jobs and make more money using my

Fully Booked Tradies, Turns Your Quotes Into Paying Customers

Your tailor made marketing system allows you to position yourself as the expert, provides credibility and makes you the celebrity of your area.


Disruption Culture

Triple H System,  High Impact, High Credibility, High Visibility Marketing Systems.

Now, I can help you too by:

  • writing converting sales letters, websites and advertisements that compel clients into action
  • creating influential social media plans positioning them as the ‘go to person’
  • automated marketing plans, that connect with your potential clients and convert them to actual clients.

Let me use my expert advice and experience to help you achieve success by creating a highly effective and profitable marketing systems in your business, even if you don’t know anything about; Copywritting, Traffic Sources, Product Bundling, Lead Generation or Sales & Marketing Funnels.

Get in touch on 03 9887 1067 or via email you@evejohn.com.au


Eve and her businesses have been feature both Nationally and Interntationally

Eve and her businesses have been feature both Nationally and Interntationally